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Tiny homes for 55 and up

Live Life.  Love Life.  Retire in style.  Live in a Tiny Home Community at Camp Inspiration Of Texas. We are located in a peaceful new development located Cisco Texas.


Camp Inspiration is a new, tiny home village ideal for retirement.  Just south of downtown area of the beautiful town of Cisco, Home of the Santa Clause bank robber! 


Cisco is one of the best places to retire!   For maintenance free living ideally suited for ages 55+.  Here you will have your own home, but won’t worry about any of the maintenance and have one simple monthly fee covering all your utilities and property expenses.

Drive down the quiet private road into a park like setting with a country atmosphere with all types of beautiful livestock to look at.  you can pick your lot and pick your tiny home all from the office at the front of the property. The area is wooded and the large, mature trees are being left to maintain that forest like feel. There are tanks (aka) ponds for fishing, and feeding the wild habitat that visits us each year. We have peaceful walking trails and beautiful fields as far as a eye can see. 

Whether you are recently retired, living independently or with another, a senior or just looking for a great place to enjoy your life, come check us out!

These days tiny homes and cottages are a growing trend in living sustainably.  Everyone looking to live here is looking for a simpler life.  They don’t want to worry about taking care of their home, but would rather be living their life.  They want to make a smaller footprint and bring more joy to their life.  

As we grow older in age and need a little extra help in our daily lives, we now have more options than ever, lets face it we are getting older by the minute. I know this is something we rarely ever want to discus or admit but its true, but the cool thig is that we have a solution to the problem,


We humans tent to acquire so much in our lifetime, lets face it we all have so much stuff! and as we age we lose the ability to keep it all up, from mowing the yard, to keeping up with everyday task. 


The amazing thing about living in a Tiny community is that its just that, Its tiny and with so many fun adventures ahead you can participate in many activities including greenhouse projects, exercise programs and we have an array of fun activities  to occupy your time while living in a peaceful community program designed for 55 and up families 

Just like any normal home, the mini homes allow the home owner to interact with their whole family on a regular basis, avoiding the loneliness that affects so many of us.

All homes have plenty of space for private gatherings, or just to walk and play in the garden at their own privacy.


Tiny homes for seniors can also be cost effective to build and maintain. Their small space easy to clean and provides affordable housing for financially challenged older adults wishing to avoid the high cost of a care facility.

Call or visit us today to se what we can do for your family

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